Who We Are

Content North is an SEO and web development agency in Liverpool on a simple mission:

To provide such amazing website services and SEO for small companies that they soon outgrow those services.

Sound crazy? Like we’re putting ourselves out of business, right? Maybe it is a little crazy, but Content North was set up to deliver valuable and cost-effective SEO services and Copywriting to help small businesses and start-ups grow fast, not milk fledgling companies with expensive and often unnecessary SEO maintenance packages.

Instead, we want to:

  • Consult growing businesses with the aptitude for success
  • Assess their website and SEO needs, helping them to understand what they can achieve
  • Provide valuable and affordable SEO solutions that help that business to grow
  • Develop a long-term strategy for continued maintenance and growth.

There are so many digital agencies in Liverpool and beyond set up to cater for the big guys – the firms that already have an established brand, a stand-out website, great SEO and bags of money.

But we love those grass roots companies; the do-or-die types who pride themselves on their product and service and just need some excellent digital marketing and SEO to get them off the ground.

That’s who Content North makes it all happen for.

About Our Websites

We love to work with WordPress with good reason: it’s a content management system (CMS) that’s free to use in its basic format and easy to adapt to almost any purpose you can think of – great for small businesses!

WordPress powers millions of websites all across the globe and is used by huge multimedia conglomerates and small-time bloggers alike.

Content North has been working with WordPress for years, and we love putting a fresh site together for an aspiring company, or just tweaking the nitty-gritty on an existing website to make sure it works the way it’s supposed to.

About Our SEO Services

There are plenty of ways to get people to visit your website, but Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is STILL the most cost-effective way to drive traffic and ultimately convert.

Even in 2019, just over half of the world’s online experiences every day begin with a search, usually into a search engine like Google, and for many companies appearing on the first page of those search results makes all the difference to their profitability.

That’s what we specialise in: creating and developing websites in a way so that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are more likely to recognise their greatness and show them to people searching for relevant terms, bring your traffic you can turn into business.

Our Approach To Content

No surprises to read that at Content North, content is KING.

While we didn’t coin the phrase, it’s something we live by.

While there are other essential aspects of SEO that makes a website useable, useful and findable, great content is at the heart of every great website.

We take the approach that to find out what content best engages with your end-user (your current or potential customers), we need to get under the skin of your product, brand and service to understand what would drive customers to buy.

Then we set to work creating engaging, SEO friendly content designed to convert visitors into paying customers.

After all, that’s the aim of the game, right?

So, want to grow your business so much you don’t need the agency that helped you?