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Every project needs a superb copywriter for it to reach its full potential, whether that’s to sell a project or service or tell an engaging brand story that cements an idea in a consumer’s mind.

Our copywriter, Tom, started his digital marketing career in SEO copywriting after a switch from a B2B and B2C based career and considers excellent copy to be at the core of every successful project he undertakes.

Get in touch to discuss your own project and benefit from 5 years of:

  • SEO and Web-Ready copy and content specialism
  • Experience spanning 9+ different industries
  • Both in-house and digital agency experience
  • Multi-format copywriting including web, print, brochures, PPC campaigns and more.

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Tom Iveson

Our approach to Copywriting

Although we specialise in SEO copywriting, our approach isn’t to write content for search engines or even our direct clients – we write great content for our END-USERS: the people who will be consuming the content, meaning that everything we create MUST:

  • Engage the reader to grab their attention
  • Provide the reader with value to create positive association
  • Encourage them to take action: to buy/sell/sign-up

We want the copy we create for our clients to become their Number 1 salesman – copy that helps you convert and make sales even while you and the rest of your staff are asleep.

 Copywriting Skills that make all the difference:

  • 1:1 BA Hons Degree in English Literature
  • HTML & CSS to ensure copy is presented in the best possible format
  • Multiple CMS experience including WordPress, SquaredUp, Wix & more
  • 5+ years in sales adding psychological sales techniques to copy
  • Experience with multiple styles and formats
  • Keyword optimised SEO-targeted content where required
  • Writing for regulated industries such as Financial Services

Copywriting Services and Portfolio

“I love the excitement found in new projects that require excellent copy to make them work, but there’s also a huge satisfaction found in bringing old copy and old ideas back to life – I just enjoy working with words.”

— Tom Iveson —

Financial Services Copywriting

4+ years experience writing for both MOJ and FCA regulated firms about personal finance, pensions, mortgages and more…

Pets Industry Copywriting

Our copywriter started out his SEO career working in the pets, exotic pets and aquatics industry, even helping launch a brand…

Travel Blogging & Copywriting

There’s more to travel writing than Michael Palin – we’ve extensive international SEO experience for travel copywriting…


Creative writing pieces can be just for fun, or they can allow a brand to convey the human element of their message…

Journalism and

Journalism, articles, blogs, advertorials and other forms of native advertising can be awesome tools for growing viability… 


Some issues are worth backing all the way – our work with charities is important to us, but not as important as those who it helps…

Copywriting Rates

Not all jobs are the same, so we structure our rates to give you the best value for money for your project.

SEO Copy with keyword research £35 Per Hour
SEO Copy where keywords are provided £30 Per Hour
Technical writing £30 Per Hour
Non SEO Copy (eBooks, phanplets, print, offline) (Non-Technical) £20 Per Hour
Editing (re-working copy) £20 Per Hour

Additional Rates

Some topics and genres carry extra knowledge, care and attention.

Medical genre + £10 per hour
Financial Services genre + £15 per hour
Software + £10 per hour

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