Professional Creative Writing

Even corporate copy doesn’t have to be boring when you have a talented creative writer as part of your project team.

A good creative writer will help demystify the writing process, provide clarity on the creative direction of the project you’re working on and use ‘creative empathy’ to accurately align their output with your vision.

Creative writers for hire like Ghost Writers aren’t in it for the fame and glory or else they’d be writing under their own names.

Instead they’re here to market their finely tuned skills to deliver what you need, whether that’s a piece of creative writing that spins a story full of passion with a strong message, a slogan that bounces or even deep, soul-bearing prose.

A creative writer looking to sell their services must:

  • Listen and understand the client’s brief thoroughly
  • Think without allowing thoughts to paralyze the creative process
  • Be BraveĀ and accept criticism and feedback on their work to make it the best it can be.

If you’re looking for a creative writer for your project who can handle all the above and more then get in touch with Tom at Content North today.

Our Writer Says:

“Almost every writer dreams of getting their prose or poetry into print, but few ever dare to try to make a living from it.

I love the extra freedoms granted by the term “creative writing”, where as long as you remain in the confines of the often generous client brief, I find this line of work liberating and enjoyable, often allowing me to do some of my best work.

Of course, usually that work never has my name on it, but such is the nature of the beast and the connection you make with your audience is spiritual reward enough.”

Tom’s Creative Writing

“Art and the Mannequins was a collaborative project between myself and several other creatives – an anthology of poetry and prose that I also helped edit”

Creative Writing Rates

Due to the broad nature of the term Creative Writing, quotes for hourly rates or full writing projects are provided on a POA basis – please get in touch to discuss your project.

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