Financial Copywriting in the UK

Creating website or print copy for financial services companies and other industry products is no easy task, usually leading to understandably higher rates for copywriting services.

This is largely down to the primary task of a financial copywriter, who must find a way to engage audiences by negating fear and perceived boredom and communicate the benefits of often complex products, services and concepts while maintaining air-tight compliance with regulatory requirements.

This means that great financial services copy should:

  • Persuade the audience to read it despite them not always wanting to
  • Be simple enough that anyone can understand it
  • Not break the rules set by applicable bodies such as the FCA

These prerequisites for success often mean that any copywriter taking on the challenge will need to be creative with their solutions, versatile in the mediums of communication they deploy, and thick-skinned when it comes to staying within the rules and receiving feedback.

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What counts as financial copywriting?

The definitions may vary from company to company, but generally financial copywriting refers to writing commercially about thing that involves money or financial products or services as the object.

This can include content, sales copy or blogs about obvious things like mortgages or pensions, but it could be about attitudes to money or news.

What our copywriter says:

“Copywriting for financial services firms or those directly related to the industry comes with its own set of unique challenges that I’ve worked hard to rise to.

Tasks often involve communicating complex messages in a way that is as jargon-free and as straight forward as possible that is still accurate and compliant with regulatory standards.

Fortunately, I began writing financial copy back in 2016 and over the next few years spearheaded the content development for a now nationally recognised claims management company, as well as working for an IFA, giving me both conceptual awareness of financial services and products, as well as teaching me how to better navigate the compliance. 

Moving beyond SEO friendly web copy, I also appeared in FTAdviser, contributed to an ITV Tonight documentary, helped scripts adverts for ITV and radio, and created engaging video content from scratch.”

Financial Copywriting Portfolio

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for several financial services firms – here’s just some examples from what the last 4 years have produced as an in-house Content Manager at Get Claims Advice”

— Tom Iveson —

“Soon after I began work with Get Claims Advice Ltd I saw an opportunity to gain some publicity and siezed it, getting my first mention in the Financial sector”

“Over 3 years working for GCA as Content Manager gave me a huge depth of understanding about how to write about financial topics”

Logo for an IFA

“Website work, brochures and online video work for MB broadened my financial copywriting topic matter to include mortgages, investments and protection”

Mortgage Video for MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd

“Certainly one of the most fun projects I worked on during an intensive period of financial services work, I came up with this concept myself before pitching it to management and being given a small budget to make it happen. Although not all copywriting, I scripted the video myself and filmed it in one morning with a colleague who helped edit it. The voiceover was actually an employee who turned out to be a bit of a natural in my opinion.” – Tom

Financial Copywriting Rates

Content North offers competitive rates for financial copywriting. Just choose the type format (eg, SEO, non SEO or editing) and then add the additional rate for financial copywriting to find your hourly rate.

SEO Copy with keyword research £35 Per Hour
SEO Copy where keywords are provided £30 Per Hour
Technical writing £30 Per Hour
Non SEO Copy (eBooks, phanplets, print, offline) (Non-Technical) £20 Per Hour
Editing (re-working copy) £20 Per Hour

Additional Rates

Some topics and genres carry extra knowledge, care and attention.

Medical genre + £10 per hour
Financial Services genre + £15 per hour
Software + £10 per hour

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