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There’s an artistry to blog writing that most people simply don’t consider until they’re faced with a keyboard and a blank word processing document in front of them – most most, blogging isn’t always as easy as it looks!

This means that its all the more important to hire a professional blog writer if you want to get the most value possible out of your corporate blogging activities.

A good blog should:

  • Engage your audience and speak to them in a uniform, branded yet personable tone
  • Discuss the chosen topic in a way that is simple enough that even a beginner can gain value from it
  • Be SEO friendly so that it actually brings more traffic to your website.

In 2020 and beyond, blogging needs to be precise yet informative to the newcomer, keyword-targeted but not over-optimsed, and appear to be written by an expert who also knows how to write well!

Easy peasy then…

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Our principle writer, Tom, has written hundreds if not thousands of blogs, articles and even published mainstream news features over the past 5 years.

Although his style and tone are highly adaptable to the topic matter and brand he’s writing for, his work shines when he is allowed to be let off the creative leash and given permission to sell.

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What our copywriter says:

“Blogging, article writing and journalism are solid foundations of any professional writer’s arsenal, and I’m no different in that respect.

What I would say makes the blogs I write different is that I take the time to really understand the motivations behind why somebody would take the time and energy to read this blog on whatever topic it’s discussing, and then make sure the text delivers what they’re after.

I’ve had the pleasure of blogging in various different and exciting industries, which has meant I’ve developed an ability to research quickly and hit the ground running when starting out in new niches.”

Tom’s Blogging and Journalism Portfolio

“I’ve produced blogs for over 10 different industries, most intensively in the Financial Services and Pets industries. I’ve also been published in mainstream as well as community media publications.”

— Tom Iveson —

“I was so excited to put start putting in a few paid shifts at the Mirror, although I now laugh about the kind of thing they had me writing about!”

“As Content Manager for GCA I blogged on complex topics such as pensions, claims, the FSCS and investments as often as possible for 3+ years”

“I’ve just begun volunteering for Scottie Press – the UK’s longest running community newspaper, with my first article to be published in March 2020”

Blogging Rates and Pricing Table

Some blogging topics are more complex and require more research than others, therefore quotes for blogging are provided on receipt of details – so please get in touch with some information about your blogging requirements.

If you are looking for a rough guide then please use the table below, including the additional rates table if your blogging topic is mentioned.

SEO Copy with keyword research £35 Per Hour
SEO Copy where keywords are provided £30 Per Hour
Technical writing £30 Per Hour
Non SEO Copy (eBooks, phanplets, print, offline) (Non-Technical) £20 Per Hour
Editing (re-working copy) £20 Per Hour

Additional Rates

Some topics and genres carry extra knowledge, care and attention.

Medical genre + £10 per hour
Financial Services genre + £15 per hour
Software + £10 per hour

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