Writing for the pets industry

A huge and ever-growing online market can be found within the pets industry, where excellent copywriting skills are always in demand as new products enter the market.

This is an industry that is constantly innovating, especially when you get into smaller niches such as aquariums and pond fish keeping where companies are regularly inventing new ways to treat water, prevent infections and produce lighting effects.

But the pets industry is also heavily price competitive, too, meaning that strong SEO copywriting for product descriptions and category level pages is often essential to a brand’s longevity within the digital marketplace.

More than anything, copywriting for pets needs to engaging yet information, concise yet full of energy and love for the end users of the products – the pets themselves!

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Our copywriter Tom cut his teeth with SEO copywriting within the pets industry and is well versed with the tone needed to grab customers’ attention as well as the level of details required to allow a website to make a sale.

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What our copywriter says:

“My first job in marketing was as a temporary copywriter at Swell UK – a great firm that sells everything you could need to look after everyday household pets right through to tropical or marine fish as well as exotic reptiles and invertebrates. 

This was a job that required me to research complex and often unusual niche topics at speed to produce high-quality SEO friendly sales copy for 3 websites – a job I must have done well with as I was offered a permanent position as Brand Manager upon the contract’s completion.

After leaving I continued to work for brands connected to the group, including helping to write the initial product copy for Bark Bites.”

Pets Industry Copywriting Portfolio

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for several financial services firms – here’s just some examples from what the last 4 years have produced.”

— Tom Iveson —

“My first job in Content upon graduation, the job at Swell saw me writing or re-writing hundreds of pages of engaging, informative sales copy designed to convert”

“Bark Bites was the first fresh brand I’d ever created copy for – a fun and creatively liberating experience for a great company selling quality products”

Advertorials for Pet Shop Launch

“As a freelancer I was asked to create advertorial content for Swell’s launch of it’s new bricks-and-motar pet shop, expanding on the brand’s success online into selling quality and well-cared for livestock.

The paper may be yellowing on these old advertorials from way back in 2015 and I’m happy to say that the Swell Superstore is still going strong”

– Tom

Pets Industry Copywriting Rates

Content North offers competitive hourly rates for copywriting, and full-project quotes can be provided after analysis and discussion.

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SEO Copy with keyword research £35 Per Hour
SEO Copy where keywords are provided £30 Per Hour
Technical writing £30 Per Hour
Non SEO Copy (eBooks, phanplets, print, offline) (Non-Technical) £20 Per Hour
Editing (re-working copy) £20 Per Hour

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