Want to know how to make SEO work for your business?

Content North is dedicated to enabling small businesses and start-ups to utilise powerful SEO techniques, gaining traffic for their websites that converts into profitable leads.

That includes those businesses who can’t yet afford the capital outlay to have a website built and optimised for them, but are willing to give it a go themselves!

That’s why we developed our online DIY SEO for business membership.

Using a mix of engaging video content, worksheets and written articles, members will learn how to:

  • plan a website based around SEO principles
  • purchase a domain
  • select and setup website hosting
  • install WordPress and how to use it
  • choose, install and customise a WordPress theme
  • setup and understand analytics software
  • design your website with SEO and Conversion in mind.
  • create and implement a strategy for long-term SEO gain

and of course…

How to create GREAT SEO optimised content


Who is the course for?

Business owners and entrepaneurs can get a deeper understanding of the relationship between websites, search engines and users to make practical decisions about how they go about building their online presence.

More than that, we’ll teach them how to do it with simplified, step-by-step instructions.

What else do members get?

The final, paid version of the course will feature videos less specifcally about SEO and websites, and more about business strategy and wider digital marketing skills.

Even better, we’ll be including membership to an exclusive forum where business owners can trade ideas, collaborate and skill-share, and together build a new, more digital-savvy generation of business owners.

Register Your Interest Now


We want to ensure a flawless process, so our DIY SEO for businesses course won’t be available until at least March 2020. If you join our mailing list, you’ll not just receive updates on release dates, but you receive discounted access on release day, as well as beta-testing opportunities to get an early-bird’s view of our content.

We’re in the early stages of development, so costs to end-users like you are not yet formulated.

However, we do know that pre-registered individuals will receive a discounted rate on their first year, and people who purchase Content North’s SEO packages and websites will receive 1-year’s membership for FREE.

The courses will be split into sections or relevance, allowing users to either start from scratch with introductory and theoretical SEO lessons, or to launch straight into the practical side of building and launching a website.