Audit your website

Not sure how your website’s SEO is performing or what can be done to improve it?

The average business doesn’t have a firm grasp on what makes SEO work well, or how their own website fairs within their industry.

Our SEO audits help you understand where your website stands in comparison to your closes competitors, why it ranks where it does, and provides actionable insights on how to improve your rankings.

Unlike may other companies, we don’t charge a fortune to help you understand your website, nor do we withhold the tactics and strategy that you can benefit from behind a pay-wall.

You get everything we know up-front, allowing you to take action and improve your rankings by getting stuck in yourself, use your in-house team, pay a freelancer to do it, or hire Content North to get things done – the choice is yours.

How we audit your SEO

Step 1 – Collect Data

We’ll use powerful software to crawl (scan) your website with an experienced professional eye. Some of this is done using bots that work in a similar way to how search engine bots works (like GoogleBot), all helping to build a detailed picture of how your website works.

Step 2 – Analyse

Then, we’ll pull all of that information together and analyse it from ever aspect, including your website speed, on-page and off-page optimisation, current keyword usage, current SERP rankings, competitor analysis and more.

All this is compiled with attention to detail and as jargon-free as possible.

Step 3 – Report

You’ll then receive a report that features:

  • What your website currently ranks for, including search volumes
  • What your keyword opportunities are
  • How your website fairs in the Search Engine Return Pages
  • How your competitors are looking
  • Your website’s health

and most importantly:


We’ll take the time to go over your report via Skype, Google Hangouts, on the phone or even in person so you get the full benefits of the insights we’re providing.

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