Landmark sites

Our ‘landmark’ websites builds on our Milestone packages with a ton of heavy-weight extras to make sure no potential customers can skim past your business, including:

  • 30+ Optimised Keyword Landing Pages
  • Advanced SEO Package
  • Professional Branding
  • UX Reporting
  • Advanced Growth Package

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Optimised Keyword Pages

We don’t just slap websites together, we optimise each page for SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

That means that each page features content and optimisation techniques that mean your customers are more likely to find it when they search using Google, Bing or Yahoo.

With this package, you can have up to 30 pages optimised for products or services that you sell to help you increase your search footprint and get more customers to visit your website.

Advanced SEO

Our advanced SEO packages move way past the basics of Local SEO and help you take on a more national or even international market for your goods or services.

Custom made for your needs, we’ll make sure the package we put together is competitive for your niche by ensuring the fundamentals of search optimisation are catered for and a solid foundation created.

Professional Branding

Included in our Milestone packages is a professional branding element from our design partners, including:

  • Custom professional logo
  • Matching 3-colour branding
  • Stylesheet (including 2 fonts)

UX Report

We’ll help you understand the flow of visitors through your website, optimising it to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion.

We’ll recommend heatmapping and video recording software for this, although please note there is a monthly subscription cost for this paid directly to the supplier.

Advanced DIY Growth Plan

This is where you’re saving the big money, with a bespoke DIY growth plan to help you develop your online presence using SEO, Social Media and PPC advertising.

While many other SEO agencies will insist on you purchasing an expensive maintenance and growth package, we’ll tell you how to do it instead, with the hard part already done for you!

You’ll receive a handy, easy to read document explaining how your website works, how to maintain it, the basics of SEO, and how to grow your business yourself rather than paying a small fortune to have somebody else do it.

This is our advanced DIY plan, meaning we give away more strategies and SEO secrets than in our basic packages.

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