Milestone sites

Our ‘Milestone’ websites come with all our standard features, and offer the best value for money, including:

  • 20+ Optimised Keyword Landing Pages
  • Local SEO Package
  • Speed Optimisation
  • 3 Integrated Social Media Accounts
  • Advanced Growth Package

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Optimised Keyword Pages

We don’t just slap websites together, we optimise each page for SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

That means that each page features content and optimisation techniques that mean your customers are more likely to find it when they search using Google, Bing or Yahoo.

With this package, you can have up to 20 pages optimised for products or services that you sell to help you increase your search footprint and get more customers to visit your website.

Local SEO Package

Google is still the biggest search engine out there, and it gives weight to business websites that have a physical presence in the real work – ie Bricks and Motar offices, stores, warehouses or other types of business premises.

Local SEO is vital to making sure your customers can find you online and in real-life.

Social Media Integration

In 2020 and beyond, few companies can afford not to engage with social media. It’s a great way to keep current and prospective buyers and clients engaged, and we’ll help you create and integrate 3 social media accounts with your website so they can work in harmony together – whichever appear to present the most opportunity to your business.

Advanced DIY Growth Plan

This is where you’re saving the big money, with a bespoke DIY growth plan to help you develop your online presence using SEO, Social Media and PPC advertising.

While many other SEO agencies will insist on you purchasing an expensive maintenance and growth package, we’ll tell you how to do it instead, with the hard part already done for you!

You’ll receive a handy, easy to read document explaining how your website works, how to maintain it, the basics of SEO, and how to grow your business yourself rather than paying a small fortune to have somebody else do it.

This is our advanced DIY plan, meaning we give away more strategies and SEO secrets than in our basic packages.

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