Keyword Research that goes deeper

Great SEO begins with understanding what your customers want and what they are searching for online.

Our keyword research packages use industry spec software to analyse search trends in your niche area of business and you local or national area to help you pinpoint the key search terms that could bring your site traffic, and sales.

  • Discover what your customers are searching for on Google
  • Find out what their search intent is
  • Devise ways to optimise your website to attract those visitors
Keyword research services

What Keyword Research Software do we use?

It depends on the task at hand, but generally we use a powerful mixture of SEMRush, Keywords Anywhere, SEO Quake and a bit of old-fashioned Google Keyword Planner, giving you a multi-tool overview of your keyword landscape.

How does keyword research work?

1. Business Analysis

We start with you and your business – what do you sell? What do you believe your customers are searching for? These ideas create the foundation for further in-depth research.

2. Deep Analysis

Using stage 1 as a baseline, we’ll use industry-spec software to search out competitors, analyse their keyword use and semantics, and use that to inform our thorough analysis of your keyword landscape and search opportunities.

3. Actionable Reporting

Finally, you’ll receive a in-depth keyword report, giving you the search-terms your customers are entering into engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more, so you can better optimise your business’s website and content to make sure it gets found, and have your visitors convert into profitable business.

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